Avoiding Exchange Server Problems: Can Monitoring Help?

If you run an Exchange Server, you will want to monitor it all the time. If you don’t, not only will you put your organization at risk, but you will waste plenty of time and money fixing long-term issues. With this in mind, you need to monitor your Exchange server. Here are three ways in which monitoring an Exchange Server can help you avoid problems.

Speed things up quickly: Without a doubt, if you don’t monitor your server, you will deal with speed problems in the future. Think about it, if your employees send out large files or make mistakes when using the server, it will slow down for others. Not only that, if a hacker or mischievous person accesses the network, he or she may slow down the server. However, once you check up on this and fix the issue, you can save yourself plenty of frustration. Remember, servers will slow down over time; if you want to speed it up, you must monitor it all the time.

Secure and safe: If a hacker hops on your server and steals your bandwidth, you will end up in a bad situation. Since a hacker can send emails to hundreds of thousands of people, you will watch as your server is banned. Instead, with a proactive approach, you can catch a hacker in action. Then, you can ban him or her from the server and take any other steps. Simply put, if you watch as a hacker steals your bandwidth, you will deal with a PR nightmare. Fortunately, with a common sense approach, you won’t need to worry too much.

Plan for the future of your organization: Now, when you own and run an Exchange Server, you will need to spend money and time in the future to fix it up. Luckily, if you monitor the server all the time, you can spot issues before they arise. Using a good exchange server management solution can be a first step in the right direction, in helping you keep tabs on your server. Otherwise if you don’t keep tabs on your server, if you watch the server gradually slow, you will end up with an annoying issue on your hands. There are a number of third party products that may be able to help you keep track of an exchange server such as Dotcom-Monitor’s exchange server monitoring solution, and Solarwinds monitoring suite. There are also a lot more than what’s listed here, but these are some of the options that are available.

If you own an Exchange Server, make sure to watch it constantly. When doing so, you can save yourself time and money now and in the future.